I enjoy reading all types of books. But I do prefer mystery/paranormal books. I don't have a preference between ebook or books although there are some days that it has to be the actual book.

Vampire Academy spin off

So I read the Vampire Academy series and I liked them for what they were.  Decided that I was going to read the spin off series Bloodlines and quite frankly I am very disappointed.  The main character is just someone they glanced over in the original series and she is so uptight that reading about her is a chore.  The book would be more interesting if we focused on Jill who is supposed to be the whole reason for this assignment and she is just an after thought as far as characters go.  About a 100 pages in the third book and it is just not keeping my attention at all.  There are too many books that I would like to read to suffer through this one.

A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

I had watched this when I was  a teenager.  We watched all the "punk" movies that we could and this was one of them. So I knew what to expect.  The slang from the book would have been a little harder to understand if I hadn't of taken Russian as my language in college.  But I liked the book, it is just a little scary when the things that are happening now seem like the madness that is happening in the world.  It seems like a matter of time before the draconian methods of straightening up the riff-raft that are used in the book become the standard.  Although, I think they might use these methods on the masses instead of just the criminals.  We are far from having a completely obedient society. 

The Killing Kind - Chris F. Holm

Started this last night and just finished it.  Found this on the new shelf at the library and it sounded interesting enough to bring home.  I enjoyed the action and the easy flow of the writing. I did draw some similarities to the  "Dexter" series (hit man taking out other hit men) but overall I enjoyed this novel.  I do have to say that the one scene that didn't quite seem to fit was the one in the banquet room where there are three hit men and they didn't sense that someone was watching them.  You would think in their profession that they would be hyper alert to something like that. And considering Michael only takes out other hitters he should always have suspected that they would find him and try to take him out.  The ending was left open and I am interested enough to see where Mr. Holm takes it.

Rosemary's Baby - Ira Levin

I enjoyed reading this.  The movie was very similar. Not sure that I would have reacted quite like Rosemary but I am curious to see if the next book is any good.

Rosemary's Baby - Ira Levin

I am only at chapter 5 but so far it is pretty close to the movie.  I do have an issue with the fact that Chuck Palahniuk is listed as the author of this book. He wrote the intro.  


I just found this site a few days ago from a group that I joined on Goodreads.  I happen to be in the middle of a reading slump.  I hate when those happen.  But sometimes it helps to clear my mind and refocus. And sometimes it is just because I can not find what I am actually looking for to read and have to reread some favorites. 

I read a lot of different genres but I really love mysteries/paranormal.  But I try to keep an open mind.  Can't find a new love if you are not willing to try new things.

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